November 23 2023

Nao and Noritake Kinashi cast in Fuji TV drama series “Haru ni Nattara”

Nao and Noritake Kinashi are cast in Fuji TV drama series “Haru ni Nattara.” The family drama is scripted by Yasushi Fukuda (“Hero“) and directed by Kana Matsumoto (“Tokyo Oasis“) and Mayu Akiyama (“Rent A Friend“). The two leads will play daughter and father and they both reveal shocking news to each other on New Year’s Day.

“Haru ni Nattara” first airs January 15, 2024 in Japan (takes over Fuji TV’s Monday 10PM time slot after “Special Order! Metro Police Special Accounting Department“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Since his wife died, Masahiko (Noritake Kinashi) has raised his daughter Hitomi (Nao) by himself. Hitomi is now all grown up and an adult, but they still live together and rely on each other. On New Year’s Day, they talk with each other like they usually do, but they both reveal bombshell news. Hitomi tells Masahiko that she is going to get married in 3 months. Masahiko tells Hitomi that he was informed that he has only 3 months left to live. They are both shocked by each other’s news.

Masahiko is strongly opposed to his daughter’s marriage, because her future husband is an unpopular comedian and 10 years older than her. Meanwhile, Hitomi tries to persuade her father to get medical treatment. Because they want each other to be happy, they can’t give up their position and try to persuade the other person. In the end, they decide they don’t want to waste the next 3 months and write down things they want to do. Hitomi writes down things she wants to do before she gets married and Masahiko writes down things he wants to do before his death.

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