November 15 2022

Nanao & Nobuyuki Suzuki cast in Fuji TV drama “Marriage Is Difficult For A Ninja.”

Nanao and Nobuyuki Suzuki are cast in Fuji TV drama series “Marriage Is Difficult For A Ninja.” The ninja romantic-comedy screenplay is based on 2022 novel “Ninja ni Kekkon wa Muzukashii” by Dai Yokozeki (“Lupin’s Daughter“) and directed by Masato Hijikata (“The After-Dinner Mysteries“). For the drama series, Nano and Nobuyuki Suzuki will play a married couple. They both hold a secret that they are a ninja and they are unaware of their partner’s secret. They also come from rival ninja families.

“Marriage Is Difficult For A Ninja” will first air January, 2023 in Japan (takes over Fuji TV’s Thursday 10PM time slot after “Silent“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Hotaru Kusakari (Nanao) is married to Goro Kusakari (Nobuyuki Suzuki) and she works as a pharmacist. She holds a secret that she is really a ninja and part of Koka Ninja’s family. Her husband holds a routine job as a postal delivery man, but he has a secret as well. He is also a ninja and pat of Iga Ninja’s family. Even though Hotaru Kusakari & Goro Kusakari are a married couple, they are unaware their partner is a ninja. For generations, the Koka Ninja and Iga Ninja families have been rivals and quite hostile to each other. While Hotaru Kusakari & Goro Kusakari married because of love and their marriage life started off well, their relationship has deteriorated over things like home chores and using the bathroom. An assassination then takes place. Will Hotaru Kusakari & Goro Kusakari choose their marriage or their family affiliation?

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