July 2 2021

Mugi Kadowaki & Naotaro Moriyama cast in TV Tokyo drama “Swim Ring”

Mugi Kadowaki and Naotaro Moriyama are cast in TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Swim Ring: More Than Friends, Less Than An Affair” (literal title). The drama series is based on manga series “Ukiwa” by Munehiro Nomura. For the drama series, Mugi Kadowaki will play main character Maiko Nakayama. She learns her husband is having an affair and becomes closer to her husband’s boss/next door neighbor, played by Naotaro Moriyama.

“Swim Ring: More Than Friends, Less Than An Affair” first airs August, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Due to her husband’s work, Maiko (Mugi Kadowaki) moves with her husband to Tokyo from Hiroshima. They live in an apartment offered by her husband’s company. Her husband is busy with work and comes home late every night. Maiko beings to talk with Futaba (Naotaro Moriyama), who lives next door to her. Futaba is her husband’s boss. They talk with each other from their porches. One day, Maiko learns that her husband is having an affair. She becomes closer to Futaba.

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