December 1 2022

Misako Renbutsu & Reina Triendl cast in TV Tokyo drama “Konya Sukiyaki Dayo”

Misako Renbutsu and Reina Triendl are cast in TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Konya Sukiyaki Dayo.” The drama series is based on manga series “Konya Sukiyaki Dayo” by Natsuko Taniguchi. The screenplay will revolve around two women who begin to live together, with one woman providing meals and the other woman the apartment.

“Konya Sukiyaki Dayo” first airs January 6, 2023 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Aiko Ota (Misako Renbutsu) works as an interior designer. She does her job well, but she is not so good doing housework. She has a strong desire to marry and she is engaged to her boyfriend, but their values about marriage differ. Around this time, Aiko Ota attends the wedding of a high school alumna. There, Aiko Ota meets Tomoko Asano (Reina Triendl), who also graduated from the same high school. Tomoko Asano doesn’t have romantic emotions for others. Unlike Aiko Ota, she is good at doing housework, especially cooking, but she is currently in a slump with her work as a picture book writer. Due to an event, these two women decide to live together under that condition that Aiko Ota provides the housing accommodation and Tomoko Asano provides delicious meals for Aiko Ota.

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