October 12 2020

Miho Kanno cast in NTV drama “My Daughter Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend”

Miho Kanno is cast for the lead role in NTV drama series “My Daughter Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend” (literal title of “Uchi no Musume wa Kareshi ga Dekinai”). The drama series features an original screenplay by Eriko Kitagawa (“Hundred Million Stars From the Sky“) and directed by Seiichi NagumoHidemi Uchida. For the drama series, Miho Kanno will play successful romance novelist Aoi Minase. She worries about her 20-year-old daughter who is an otaku and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

“My Daughter Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend” first airs January, 2021 in Japan (takes over NTV’s Wednesday 10PM time slot after “RemoteLove“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Aoi Minase (Miho Kanno) is in her 40’s. She works as a popular writer of romance novels. She is also a single mother, who raised her daughter alone. Her daughter is now 20-years-old. Due to Aoi Minase’s success as a romance novelist, Aoi lives with her daughter in an upscale high-rise apartment building. Aoi is worried about her daughter. Her daughter doesn’t have a boyfriend. Aoi Minase believes this is because her daughter is an otaku, who enjoys manga and cosplay. Her daughter does want to fall in love.

Meanwhile, Aoi’s daughter is worried about her mother. Her mother has a girl like sensibility and oblivious to the ways of the world. Somehow, Aoi and her daughter decide to meet someone to fall in love with.

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