April 25 2022

Mayu Hotta cast in WOWOW drama “Occult no Mori e Yokoso”

Mayu Hotta┬áis cast for the lead role in WOWOW drama series “Occult no Mori e Yokoso.” The drama series is directed by Koji Shiraishi (“A Record of Sweet Murder“) and he will also play a horror film director in the drama series. In the drama series, Mayu Hotta will play assistant film director Miho Ichikawa. She goes to a home on a mountain to film a documentary.

“Occult no Mori e Yokoso” will consist of 6 episodes and first air July 22, 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Koji Kuroishi (Koji Shiraishi) is a horror movie director. To shoot a documentary film, he visits a home, located deep within in a mountain, with assistant director Miho Ichikawa (Mayu Hotta). There, they meet beautiful Maria Miyoshi, who seems to be experiencing a mental storm. She tells Koji Kuroishi that she is a fan of his work. At Maria Miyoshi’s house, Miho Ichikawa witnesses unexpected phenomenons.

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  1. Tony Jones

    this actor is super in acting because she always makes surprise the viewers and really waiting to watch this drama.

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