January 30 2017

Masami Nagasawa and Tsuyoshi Muro character visuals for live-action film “Gintama”

Here’s character visuals (posters) of Masami Nagasawa and Tsuyoshi Muro in upcoming live-action film “Gintama” starring Shun Oguri.

In the upcoming live-action film, Masami Nagasawa plays Tae Shimura. She is the older sister of Shinpachi Shimura (Masaki Okada). In the character visual, she possesses a gentle smile, but she is extremely capable in combat. Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi Muro plays Gengai Hiraga. He is an inventor whom Gintoki Sakata (Shun Oguri) trusts. He owns a karakuri (traditional mechanical puppets) store.

“Gintama” will be released July 14, 2017 in Japan.

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