February 8 2021

Masaki Suda cast in NTV drama series “Konto ga Hajimaru.”

Masaki Suda is cast for the lead role in NTV drama series “Konto ga Hajimaru.” Kasumi Arimura, Ryunosuke KamikiTaiga Nakano, and Kotone Furukawa  are also cast for the drama. The drama series will revolve around 5 people, with the three actors playing members of an unpopular comedy trio and the two actresses playing sisters. The drama series is scripted by Shigeki Kaneko and directed by Ryuichi InomataKo Kanai.

“Konto ga Hajimaru” will first air April, 2021  in Japan (takes over NTV’s Saturday 10 PM time slot after “Red Eyes“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A story of 5 people in their late 20’s.

Haruto Takaiwa (Masaki Suda), Shunta Asabuki (Ryunosuke Kamiki) and Junpei Minowa (Taiga Nakano) are members of unpopular comedy trio Macbeth. They always gather at a family restaurant where Rihoko Nakahama (Kasumi Arimura) works as a waitress. Tsumugi Nakahama (Kotone Furukawa) is Rihoko Nakahama’s younger sister.

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