April 14 2021

Marie Iitoyo cast in TV Tokyo-Paravi drama “Hinekure Onna no Bocchimeshi”

Marie Iitoyo┬ácast in TV Tokyo-Paravi drama series “Hinekure Onna no Bocchimeshi.” Tokio Emoto is also for the drama series. The drama series, that features an original screenplay, follows Tsugumi Kawamoto (Marie Iitoyo) as she follows an Instagram user White Horse (Tokio Emoto).

“Hinekure Onna no Bocchimeshi” will stream on Paravi from April 29, 2021 and air on TV Tokyo at a later date.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Tsugumi Kawamoto (Marie Iitoyo) is not very social and she doesn’t have any friends. She happens to find the Instagram page for White Horse and becomes interested in his posts. She also finds him attractive. Tsugumi Kawamoto begins to view him as her very own knight on a white horse. Tsugumi Kawamoto enjoys eating alone at places that White Horse posts about and having the same dishes. Meanwhile, Kazuma Shiraishi (Tokio Emoto) is the man who posts as White Horse. He begins looking forward to receiving likes from Tsugumi Kawamoto. In fact, she is the only person to like his posts.

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