November 22 2023

Maki Fukuda cast in Fuji TV drama “Konkatsu 1000 Knock”

Maki Fukuda is cast in Fuji TV drama series “Konkatsu 1000 Knock.” For Maki Fukuda, who is a member comedy trio “3ji no Heroine,” “Konkatsu 1000 Knock,” will be her first starring role in a drama series. The drama series is based on novel “Konkatsu 1000 Hon Knock” by Ayako MinamiĀ and will have Maki Fukuda play 33 year old struggling writer Ayako Minami. She tries to find a husband, with a ghost named Yamada giving her advice.

“Konkatsu 1000 Knock” will first air January, 2024 in Japan (takes over Fuji TV’s Wednesday 10 PM time slot after “Ya Boy Kongming!“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ayako Minami (Maki Fukuda) is 33 years old, but she hasn’t had a boyfriend in years. She struggles as a writer and supports herself by doing part-time work. One day, a jerk she dated in her past, Yamada, appears in front of her as a ghost. He tells her that if he can’t fulfill a promise he made when he was alive, he won’t be able to rest in peace. Around this time, a popular novelist talks to Ayako Minami and tells her bluntly that if someone hasn’t told her yet that they like her, then she must be ugly, regardless of how she really looks. Ayako Minami starts to think about having someone that loves her and she loves them. She then decides to find someone to marry. With the ghost Yamada by her side to give her advice, she begins a serious marriage search.

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