February 2 2024

Main trailer for Netflix drama series “House of Ninjas”

Main trailer added for Netflix drama series “House of Ninjas” starring Kento Kaku & Yosuke Eguchi. The drama series is directed by American director Dave Boyle. Story for “House of Ninjas” follows a legendary ninja family who tries to live a normal life due to an incident 6 years ago. They are then asked to return to their ninja duties to protect the country.

“House of Ninjas” will be available to stream February 15, 2024 worldwide.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: The Tawara family is a legendary ninja family with second son Haru (Kento Kaku), his father Souichi Tawara (Yosuke Eguchi), his mother Yoko Tawara (Tae Kimura), his older brother Gaku Tawara (Kengo Kora), his younger sister Nagi Tawara (Aju Makita) and his grandmother Taki Tawara (Nobuko Miyamoto). Due to a mission that took place 6 years ago, the Tawara family decided to abandon their ninja duties and live a normal life among regular people.

One day, a mass poisoning incident on a cruise ship takes place. Majin Hamashi (Tomorowo Taguchi) of the secret organization BNM (Bureau of Nina Management) reaches out to the Tawara family to return to their ninja duties, but, Souichi Tawarai refuses due to the dangers it will place on his family. The goal of the BNM is to protect the country from danger. Meanwhile, magazine reporter Karen Ito (Riho Yoshioka) chases after the incident that took place 6 years ago involving the Tawara family. A further threat to the country and to the Tawara family approaches. The Tawara family is forced to make a choice.

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