June 14 2021

Main cast & ep.1 air date for TV Asahi drama “Seven Detectives: Season 7”

Noriyuki Higashiyama is cast for TV Asahi drama series “Seven Detectives: Season 7.” Also cast to reprise their respective characters are  Seiichi TanabeKana KurashinaJin ShirasuTakashi TsukamotoKotaro Yoshida and Kinya Kitaoji. The drama series franchise first aired in 2015 and has aired annually since then.

“Seven Detectives: Season 7” will first air  July 7, 2021 in Japan (takes over TV Asahi’s Wednesday 9PM time slot after “Tokusou Nine: Season 4“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Members of the special investigation team have dispersed after their team was disbanded. No one knows Yu Amagi’s (Noriyuki Higashiyama) whereabouts or what he does.

A gang member named Ogata is found dead on a mountain. A paper and picture are found among his belongings. The paper contains writing that states “I know your crime.” The picture is of a drug deal. Another murder case then takes place. A piece of paper that also states “I know your crime” is found among the victim’s belongings. Due to the serial murder case, Yu Amagi (Noriyuki Higashiyama), Yoshiki Ebisawa (Seiichi Tanabe), Tamaki Mizuta (Kana Kurashina), Takumi Nonomura (Jin Shirasu), Arata Aoyama (Takashi Tsukamoto), Masatoshi Katagiri (Kotaro Yoshida) and Shuntaro Domoto (Kinya Kitaoji) begin to gather again.

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