September 18 2020

Main cast announced for NTV drama “6 From High & Low The Worst”

Kazuma Kawamura (‘The Rampage from Exile Tribe’), Jin ShirasuYuta Nakatsuka (GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe), Hayato Komori (‘GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe’), Miu Tomita, and Masato Yano are cast in NTV drama series “6 From High & Low The Worst.” The drama series is a spin-off of 2019 movie “High & Low The Worst.”

Appropriately enough, “6 From High & Low The Worst” will consist of 6 episodes and air November 19, 2020 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Fujio Hanaoka (Kazuma Kawamura), Seiji Kirihara (Jin Shirasu), Shinya Oochi (Yuta Nakatsuka), Masaya Oochi (Hayato Komori), Madoka Ishii (Miu Tomita) and Arata Maekawa (Masato Yano) are friends and they grew up together. They gather together to celebrate Seiji’s birthday. The friends dig out a time a capsule they buried 10 years ago. They also write a letter to themselves for 10 years in the future and place it into a new time capsule. Afterwards, the friends experience tragedy.

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