November 9 2023

Kento Nakajima and Hikaru Takahashi cast in Fuji TV drama “Living no Matsunaga san”

Kento Nakajima and Hikaru Takahashi cast in Fuji TV live-action drama series “Living no Matsunaga san.” The drama series is based on manga “Living no Matsunaga san” by Keiko Iwashita. Story for “Living no Matsunaga san” is set around a share house that has residents from different age ranges living there.

“Living no Matsunaga san” will first air January, 2024 in Japan (takes over Fuji TV’s Tuesday 11PM time slot after “Don’t Use Time Travel for Love“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Jun Matsunaga (Kento Nakajima) is a 29-year-old man, single, and works as a freelance graphic designer in Tokyo. He lives in a share house that has residents from various age groups. He seems like a feisty person, but he is affectionate and caring.

One day, the share house gets a new tenant. The tenant is Miko Sonoda (Hikaru Takahashi), who is in the 2nd grade of high school. She is a bright girl and likes to take action on her thoughts. Her parents began to run her grandparents’ inn that is located out in the province. Her whole family moved to the province, except for her. Miko Sonoda didn’t want to move, because she didn’t want to separate from her friends at school. She now begins to live in the share house where Jun Matsunaga resides. Living together, the residents sometimes have conflicts and sometimes help each other. They grow as people and develop relationships.

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