August 10 2020

Kentaro Sakaguchi cast in NTV drama “35-Year-Old Girl”

Kentaro Sakaguchi┬áis cast in NTV drama series “35-Year-Old Girl” (literal title) starring Kou Shibasaki. Kentaro Sakguchi will play 35-year-old Yuto Hirose in the drama series. He first became friends with Nozomi Imamura (Kou Shibasaki) when they were 10-year-olds and he became the first love of Nozomi Imamura. He worked as an elementary school teacher in his past, but he quit his job due to a case. He reunites with Nozomi Imamura for the first time in 25 years, but she acts like a 10-year-old kid.

“35-Year-Old Girl” first airs October, 2020 in Japan (takes over NTV’s Saturday 10PM time slot after “Detective Novice.”).

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