February 12 2020

Kei Tanaka & Ken Yasuda cast in TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Helical Labyrinth”

Kei Tanaka and Ken Yasuda are cast in TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Helical Labyrinth” (literal title). The drama series is based on manga series “Rasen no Meikyu: Idenshi Sosa” by¬†Midori Natsu. For the drama series, Kei Tanaka will play main character Jin Jinbo. He is a DNA expert. Ken Yasuda will play major supporting character Genji Ando. He is a detective.

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: Jin Jinbo (Kei Tanaka) is a DNA expert. He works as an associate professor of genome analysis laboratory at a medical school. A murder case takes place in Tokyo. The murderer left an ‘X’ mark on the dead body. Detective Genji Ando (Ken Yasuda) is excluded from the murder investigation, because of a high probability that his wife was murdered by the same person. The investigation headquarters secretly reaches out to Jin Jinbo for help.

“Helical Labyrinth” will first air April, 2020 in Japan.

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