May 17 2021

Kasumi Arimura cast in WOWOW drama “Zenkamono” & movie version

Kasumi Arimura is cast in WOWOW live-action drama series “Zenkamono” and its sequel feature film”Zenkamono.” The drama series and movie are based on  manga series “Zenkamono” y Masahito Kagawa. The drama series will be air sometime this autumn and the sequel movie version will be released sometime in 2022. The screenplay for the movie is set several years after the drama series and is an original story. For “Zenkamono,” Kasumi Arimura will play Kayo Agawa. She works as a volunteer probation officer.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kayo Agawa (Kasumi Arimura) works part-time at a convenience store. She also beings work as a probation officer, but that is a volunteer position that does not pay a wage. Her work as a probation officer is to help rehabilitate ex-convicts and juvenile delinquents. She encounters various ex-convicts and grows as a person and a probation officer.

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