April 19 2024

Junichi Okada cast in Netflix drama “Last Samurai Standing”

Junichi Okada is cast in Netflix drama series “Last Samurai Standing.” Junichi Okada will also serve as producer and action director for the drama series. “Last Samurai Standing” is based on 2022 novel “Ikusagami Ten” and 2023 novel “Ikusagami Ji” by Shogo Imamura. Story for the drama series is set in the late Meiji period, with 292 samurais taking part in a deadly battle royale for a huge prize.

“Last Samurai Standing” will be available to stream sometime later this year.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: In 1878, late at night, 292 highly skilled samurais gather at the Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto to participate in a dangerous battle royale. They are lured there by the offer 100 billion yen for the grand prize. Each of the participants are given a wooden tag. The one who makes it to Tokyo will win the prize. Shujiro Saga (Junichi Okada) takes part in this dangerous game to save his sick wife and child.

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