February 2 2024

Hiroki Hasegawa cast in TBS drama “Anti-Hero”

Hiroki Hasegawa¬†is cast in TBS drama series “Anti-Hero.” The original screenplay for “Anti-Hero” will have Hiroki Hasegawa¬†play a dark and dangerous lawyer. He gets his clients off, even for murder, on morally questionable tactics.

“Anti-Hero” will first air April, 2024 in Japan (takes over TBS’ Sunday 9PM time slot after “Sayonara Maestro“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Japan has a conviction rate of 99.9% for criminal cases that goes to trial. A lawyer (Hiroki Hasegawa) is able to defeat those odds and obtain an acquittal for his client, even though there’s conclusive evidence that says otherwise. Sometimes, due to minor things, good and evil can switch sides and good people can become bad people.

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