November 3 2015

Hinako Sano, Anna Iriyama (‘AKB48’) & Yuko Fueki to make guest appearances in Fuji TV drama “Siren”

Hinako Sano, Anna Iriyama (‘AKB48’) and Yuko Fueki are cast in guest roles in currently airing Fuji TV drama series “Siren” starring Tori Matsuzaka & Fumino Kimura.

Hinako Sano and Anna Iriyama will appear in ep.3 which airs later today, November 3, 3015. Hinako Sano will play Ai and Anna Iriyama will play Rena. Their characters are hostesses at an exclusive club and they try to seduce Detective Shinobu Satomi (Tori Matsuzaka). Meanwhile, actress Yuko Fueki will appear in ep.4 which airs November 10, 2015. She will play Doctor Kuramoto.

“Siren” airs Tuesdays at 10pm in Japan.

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