February 15 2021

Hina Yukawa cast in WOWOW drama “FM999: 999 Women’s Songs”

Hina Yukawa is cast for the lead role in WOWOW drama series “FM999: 999 Women’s Songs.” Also cast for the drama series are Takashi OkabeYuki Kura and Tarako. The drama series will also have Rie MiyazawaRina OhtaSerena MotolaMariko GotoRie TomosakaAoi YamadaToko Miura and Yuriyan Retriever. The quirky drama series will have Hina Yukawa playing 16-year-old Kiyomi Koike. She hears a DJ in her mind, who spins music for her situations.

“FM999: 999 Women’s Songs” first airs March 29, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kiyomi Koike (Hina Yukawa) is a 16-year-old girl. She has all these different emotions intertwined in her mind. One day, she suddenly blurts out “What is a woman?” She then hears a DJ’s (Tarako) voice in her head. The voice states “Women’s Songs! Radio FM999 starts.” The DJ in Kiyomi Koike’s head proceeds to spin songs that matches her worries. With her eyes closed, Kiyomi Koike meets various women in the world of music and learns from them. After school one day, while in her classroom, Kiyomi Koike feels nervous about her future. She blurts out “What is a woman?” She hears the DJ’s voice and FM999 begins. When Kiyomi Koike returns to reality, she meets senior student Shinkai (Yuki Kura), who becomes a big influence on her future.

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