May 27 2024

Haruka Fukuhara cast in NTV drama “Maruhi no Mitsuko-san”

Haruka Fukuhara┬áis cast in NTV drama series “Maruhi no Mitsuko-san.” The original screenplay will have Haruka Fukuhara play mysterious total coordinator Mitsuko Motomiya. She goes all out for her clients to make them successful. She then works with a client named Natsu Imai.

“Maruhi no Mitsuko-san” will first air July 13, 2024 (takes over NTV’s Saturday 10PM time slot after “Rise for the Town“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Mitsuko Motomiya (Haruka Fukuhara) is a mysterious total coordinator. To get what her client wants, she changes their visuals from head to toe and also their mentality through coaching. Using any means necessary, she always makes her client successful. Her next client is Natsu Imai, who is a single mother with a string of bad luck. Natsu Imai’s aim is to become the president of a large company that is run by a family. Meanwhile, Mitsuko Motomiya has a secret.

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