May 29 2024

Fumiya Takahashi cast in TV Asahi drama “Densetsu no Head Sho”

Fumiya Takahashi¬†is cast for dual lead roles in TV Asahi live-action drama series “Densetsu no Head Sho.” The drama series is based on manga “Densetsu no Kashira Sho” by Takeshi Natsuhara. For the live-action drama series, Fumiya Takahashi¬†will play bullied high school student Tatsuhito Yamada and teen gang leader Sho Ijuin. Sho Ijuin gets injured in an motorcycle accident and gets Tatsuhito Yamada, who looks similar to him, to stand in as his double. Problems will definitely arise.

“Densetsu no Head Sho” will first air July, 2024 in Japan (takes over TV Asahi’s Friday 11:15 PM time slot after “JK to Roppouzensho“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Tatsuhito Yamada (Fumiya Takahashi) is a second year high school student. He stopped going to school due to bullying. His parents, who have no interest in Tatsuhito Yamada’s well being, have traveled abroad for work. Tatsuhito Yamada is all alone and he lives by himself. One day, he happens to see Sho Ijuin (Fumiya Takahashi) get into a motorcycle accident. Sho Ijuin is the leader of the largest delinquent gang known as Grand Cross. Contrary to his slender physical appearance, he is a strong fighter who has never lost a one-on-one fight. Due to the motorcycle accident, Sho Ijuin is seriously injured. Sho Ijuin also sees Tatsuhito Yamada, who looks just like him. He gets Tatsuhito Yamada to act as his double, but will he be able to survive as a gang leader?

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