August 2 2020

Bakarhythm & Arata Iura cast in WOWOW drama “Murderous Intent’s Journey”

Bakarhythm and Arata Iura are cast for lead roles in WOWOW drama series “Murderous Intent’s Journey” (literal title for “Satsui no Dotei”). The drama series is also scripted by Bakarhythm and directed by Takashi Sumida (“Fictitious Girl’s Diary“). In the drama series, Bakarhythm and Arata Iura will play relatives who decide to take revenge on a man who caused the death of their family member.

“Murderous Intent’s Journey” first airs November 9, 2020 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Takaki runs a small cardboard processing company. One day, he killed himself. He did this because of Yoshiyuki. Yoshiyuki is the CEO of a company that works with Takaki’s company. Due to Yoshiyuki, Takaki’s company went bankrupt because of heavy debts. This caused Takaki to jump off of a rooftop building. Despite the appeals from Takaki’s family, Yoshiyuki was unpunished by the law. Takaki ’s son Kazuma (Arata Iura) and Takaki ’s nephew Mitsuru (Bakarhythm) decide to take revenge on Yoshiyuki.

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