August 17 2018

Filming for movie “The Divine Fury” begins

Filming for upcoming movie “The Divine Fury,” starring Park Seo-JoonAhn Sung-Ki and Woo Do-Hwan, began August 14, 2018. The promotional photo above is from a ceremony for the film that took place August 11, 2018. There, Park Seo-Joon stated, “It will be a long journey. The most important thing is nobody should get hurt. I will hard for the movie. The film follows a martial arts champion (Park Seo-Joon) and a exorcist (Ahn Sung-Ki) as they battle an evil. Movie is directed by Kim Joo-Hwan who worked with Park Seo-Joon in last year’s buddy cop film “Midnight Runners.”

“The Divine Fury” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.


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