November 13 2017

Ko Gyung-Pyo & Cho Jae-Hyun cast in tvN drama series “Cross”

Ko Gyung-Pyo and Cho Jae-Hyun are now cast in new tvN drama series “Cross.” Ko Gyung-Pyo will play the lead male character Kang In-Kyu. He became a doctor to take revenge on those who are responsible for his father’s death and he uses medical techniques for revenge. Cho Jae-Hyun will play major supporting character Go Jung-Hoon. He is the chief of an organ transplant center at a hospital. He is an excellent surgeon with humanism. He goes up against Kang In-Kyu (Ko Gyung-Pyo). Meanwhile the lead female character has been offered to Jeon So-Min and she is still considering the offer.

“Cross” will first air January, 2018 in South Korea.

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