January 26 2016

KBS2 drama series “Moorim School” shortened to 16 episodes from 20 episodes

KBS2 drama series “Moorim School,” starring Shin Hyun-Joon, Lee Hyun-Woo, Seo Ye-Ji, Hong Bin & Jeong Eu-Gene, has been shortened to 16 episodes from its originally planned 20 episodes. The drama series was shortened due to low TV ratings and conflict over production costs between network KBS and production company JSpictures. The drama series will now finish on March 1, 2016 instead of March 15, 2016. The following drama series “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-Ho” will still premiere on March 21, 2016 as originally planned. KBS2 will now air a short 4 episode drama series “Babysitter” between the final episode of “Moorim School” and the first episode of “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-Ho.”

12 Responses to “KBS2 drama series “Moorim School” shortened to 16 episodes from 20 episodes”

  1. S.Sim

    This is really not fair.The fact the foreigners like me can’t watch the drama on air in korean doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fans. There are many people that like the drama and want to watch it to the end. There must be 20 episodes. I was waiting for it from the moment i understood about it. Don’ kill it just like that Please !!! I love the drama the cast and the plot too. Keep FIGHTING! I believe in you.

  2. Nilda

    I hate that…we foreigners love certain series and they are cut short because our views and support to the drama mean nothing in statistics! i was so excited for 20, now its only 16? these episodes are long, a lot can happen in four episodes and now we’re missing that…now i feel like there will be a ton of plot holes. theyre ruining their foreign audience by doing this. it makes me not want to watch it.

  3. Phebz

    I really don’t understand why it was cut short to 16 episodes and why its rating low..the story is interesting and i wait in patience for it to watch online with subtitle..i really dont understand why they don’t appreciate this series.

  4. "Aku" J.

    That..is ….POO! ~ Please say it isn’t true! !!! :'{{

    Moorim School is the best tv series that has ever happened[!], EVER!!
    Please, everyone, watch it more!

  5. ikram

    please return the episodes originall place, we foreigen fans can’t watch it the time it originally air cause there is no english sub. if you start having english subs on all the episodes the time it airs in korea then i swear the viewers rating will go up at least 10 percent cause there is alot of foreigen people who LOVE this drama. PLEASE return it to 20 episodes.

  6. M.61

    ughhhhh that’s so not fair .. we need 20 Episodes ! this is like the best drama all time every single part of it.

  7. Elina

    Feels that it will be cut very bad then, if its done like this…
    I want all 20 episodes 🙁

  8. sushi likers

    This is not fair! I want watch it until 20 episodes.. This drama is like the “drama of the year” for this year 2016

  9. ddeokbokki

    I hate it! This is not fair! I will not going to watch it if its not until 20 episodes!

  10. Den

    This is not fair! We don’t have KBS and JSpictures on our channels, but we DO LOVE THIS KDRAMA. There are so many fans of Moorim School and it’s a very good korean series. Why should it end with 16 episodes??? We want 20 episodes!

  11. Fardad

    Unfortunately, everything has become money and TV channels never look for anything else !
    Exactly, everyone has become JUKPUNG in Korean series and kpop industries !

  12. had

    yh really lots of foreigners like us like this drama…. but astill shorter ..better

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