February 19 2018

Ha Ji-Won offered lead female role in drama series “Prometheus: War of Fire”

Ha Ji-Won has been offered the lead female role in upcoming drama series “Prometheus: War of Fire.” Ju Ji-Hoon has already received an offer to play the lead male role in the drama series. Both performers are currently considering their offers. If Ha Ji-Won accepts, she will play NIS agent Chae Eun-Seo. The script has the South Korean government sending Chae Eun-Seo and Park Hoon (Ju Ji-Hoon if he accepts) to find missing North Korean nuclear scientists. The scientists disappeared in a third country. They take up the disguise as a married couple in their search. Ha Ji-Won’s younger brother Jeon Tae-Soo passed away earlier this year and “Prometheus: War of Fire” would be her first acting job since that time.

Filming for “Prometheus: War of Fire” begins May, 2018.

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