December 3 2019

Actor Cha In-Ha found deceased today

According to the South Korean police, actor Cha In-Ha was found deceased today December 3, 2019 at his home. His body was found by his manager. Cha In-Ha’s exact cause of death has not yet been revealed. Cha In-Ha was appearing in currently airing MBC drama series “Love With Flaws” as major supporting character Joo Won-Suk. Cha In-Ha was 27 years of age before passing away.

3 Responses to “Actor Cha In-Ha found deceased today”

  1. K-Drama Fan

    What is happening with the Korean Idols? Very sad to know that they are dying at a young age. Whenever I see the news that Korean Idols died, and later it will regard as suicide which is very unfortunate. I wish the management will do something to ease the actors/actress problem with depression.

  2. Nasha

    R.I.P .. iI am watching Love with flaws and everytime i see his smile i get a hearache .. :'(

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