December 3 2019

Actor Cha In-Ha found deceased today

According to the South Korean police, actor Cha In-Ha was found deceased today December 3, 2019 at his home. His body was found by his manager. Cha In-Ha’s exact cause of death has not yet been revealed. Cha In-Ha was appearing in currently airing MBC drama series “Love With Flaws” as major supporting character Joo Won-Suk. Cha In-Ha was 27 years of age before passing away.

9 Responses to “Actor Cha In-Ha found deceased today”

  1. K-Drama Fan

    What is happening with the Korean Idols? Very sad to know that they are dying at a young age. Whenever I see the news that Korean Idols died, and later it will regard as suicide which is very unfortunate. I wish the management will do something to ease the actors/actress problem with depression.

  2. Nasha

    R.I.P .. iI am watching Love with flaws and everytime i see his smile i get a hearache .. :'(

  3. passanger

    sad to see it. he’s so young and look very talented. truly like his profil pict on his bio coloumn

  4. p.p.

    This is the 4th very sad niews for kpop and all of us in only 1 year:(((( I cried about it . I saw this actor in Wok of Love. Watch it, you can see him there too.
    Take care of yourself – go outside for sunshine/vitamin D – antidepresant, learn more on youtube about mental health – stress, depression, insomnia, dark triad etc and how to help yourself by distracting yourself and disengaging. Show more care and love to everyone with symptoms – people very often do not know what exactly they are going thrue and do this kind of extream things out of desparation . There is help, they can live. Educate yourself about this everybody. View few videos every day on youtube instead of playing videogames and being on social media all the time. Make fighting this phenomenon a top priority.

  5. Astri

    Cha in ha why you die in such a young age.. It’s very bad and sad news 2 hear it

  6. Clarita

    I’m heartbroken to hear that another artist is gone, a young one at that, entertainment industries should do something about it, we can’t bear to lose young people with talents.

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