April 12 2019

Teaser trailer for movie “Ichigo no Uta”

Teaser trailer added for movie “Ichigo no Uta” starring Yutaro Furutachi and Shizuka Ishibashi. Movie is based on a novel “Ichigo no Uta” by Yoshikazu Okada and Kazunobu Mineta from punk rock band Ging Nang Boyz. The novel itself is based on 7 songs from the Ging Nang Boyz. Not so surprisingly, the teaser trailer also reveal’s the theme song for the film which is “Ichigo no Uta” by “Ging Nang Boyz.” The song was written by Kazunobu Mineta for the film.

“Ichigo no Uta” is now set for release July 5, 2019 in Japan.

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