July 15 2019

Shori Sato & Kaito Takahashi cast in movie “Black School Rules”

Shori Sato (‘Sexy Zone’) and Kaito Takahashi (‘King & Prince’) are cast in movie “Black School Rules” (literal title). Shori Sato will play the lead male character role and Kaito Takahashi will play the second lead male role. The two lead male actors will play high school students at a school that has unreasonable rules, like requiring students to have black hair. They try to change the school’s rules for a girl they both like. The film will be directed by Shintaro Sugawara and scripted by Kazuya Konomoto. Filming for “Black School Rules” will begin early, August, 2019 and finish September, 2019. The film will then have its general release November 1, 2019 in Japan.

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