August 6 2018

Kiichi Nakai cast in Koki Mitani directed film “Kioku ni Gozaimasen”

Kiichi Nakai is cast in comedy film “Kioku ni Gozaimasen.” The film is written and directed by Koki Mitani. Also cast in supporting roles are Dean FujiokaYuriko Ishida, Masao Kusakari and Koichi Sato. In typical Koki Mitani fashion, the film stars Kiichi Nakai as the prime minister of Japan … but he has lost his memory after someone threw a rock at him. Filming for “Kioku ni Gozaimasen” began July 10, 2018 and finishes late August, 2018 in the suburbs of Tokyo.

“Kioku ni Gozaimasen” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

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