December 4 2017

Two main posters for movie “1987: When The Day Comes”

2 main posters for upcoming based-on-a-true-story film “1987: When The Day Comes” starring Kim Yun-Seok and Ha Jung-Woo. The posters feature 6 characters who got involved in the case of a 22-year-old university student tortured to death. Along with Kim Yun-Seok and Ha Jung-Woo, the posters feature Kim Tae-Ri, Yu Hae-Jin, Park Hee-Soon and Lee Hee-Joon. The 6 main characters in the film and how they relate to the story:

Director Park (Kim Yun-Seok) of the Public Security Department orders the student’s body to be cremated.

Prosecutor Choi (Ha Jung-Woo) rejects the cremation of the student’s body and pushes for an autopsy.

Prison Officer Han Byeong-Yong (Yu Hae-Jin) delivers a secret letter pertaining to the student’s death.

Yeon-Hee (Kim Tae-Ri) is a first year university student.

Detective Jo (Park Hee-Soon) works to minimize the case.

Reporter Yoon (Lee Hee-Joon) struggles to reveal the truth behind the student’s death.

“1987: When The Day Comes” opens December 27, 2017 in South Korea.

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