March 3 2017

Yeo Jin-Goo & Kim Kang-Woo cast in tvN drama series “Circle”

Yeo Jin-Goo & Kim Kang-Woo are cast for lead males roles in upcoming tvN drama series “Circle.”

In drama series “Circle,” Yeo Jin-Goo will play Kim Woo-Jin. He is a university student in the present day. He chases a mysterious case which takes place after a figure from outer space appears. Kim Kang-Woo will play Kim Joon-Hyuk. He is a detective in the year 2037. There, it is divided into 2 areas. One are is called “smart area” where an innovative system exists with no crime, disease or feelings of unhappiness. The other area is called “general area” which is full of crime and disease. Kim Joon-Hyuk works as a detective in the general area.

In addition, Lee Gi-Kwang (‘Highlight’) is cast in a major supporting character role. Lee Gi-Kwang will play Ho-Soo in the year 2037. His character is a public office in the “smart area.” He tries to solve a mysterious case with Detective Kim Joon-Hyuk.

“Circle” first airs May, 2017 in South Korea.

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