April 18 2024

Lee Joon-Ho, Kim Hye-Jun, cast in Netflix drama “Cashero”

Lee Joon-Ho, Kim Hye-Jun, Kim Byung-Chul, & Kim Hyang-Gi are cast in Netflix drama series “Cashero.” Drama series is based on webcomic “Cashero” by team befar and directed by Lee Chang-Min (“Agency“). For
“Cashero,” Lee Joon-Ho will play Kang Sang-Woong. He has superhuman strength that relies on him having cash to use. Kim Hye-Jun will play Kim Min-Sook. She is the girlfriend of Kang Sang-Woong. Kim Byung-Chul and Kim Hyang-Gi will play characters who have supernatural powers and they work with Kang Sang-Woong in fighting against an evil organization.

Release date for “Cashero” has not yet been announced.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kang Sang-Woong (Lee Joon-Ho) appears like an ordinary man. He works as a public servant at a community center and dreams of owning his own home. Yet, Kang Sang-Woon somehow possesses a supernatural power. He doesn’t know how or why he got his power, which is superhuman strength. His power also relies on the amount of cash he possesses. He becomes super strong when he has cash and after he uses his strength, his cash goes away. He always struggles to have enough cash to use his power. His longtime girlfriend is Kim Min-Sook (Kim Hye-Jun). She is a realistic person who prioritizes efficiency and she also has a talent for numbers. She is surprised about her boyfriend’s supernatural power. She also sees his power as being inefficient due to the need to spend his own money, yet she supports him more than anyone.

Meanwhile, Byeon Ho-In (Kim Byung-Chul) and Bang Eun-Mi (Kim Hyang-Gi) also have supernatural powers. Byeon Ho-In works as a lawyer and his supernatural power is activated when he drinks alcohol. He is also the self appointed chief of a Korean organization for people with supernatural powers. The purpose of the organization is to fight against a criminal association who hunts down people with supernatural powers. Byeon Ho-In recognizes Kang Sang-Woong’s extraordinary abilities and suggests that they should work together to save the world. Bang Eun-Mi is a young woman with a telekinetic power that is fueled by how much calories she eats. Her favorite food is bread and her power comes from mostly the bread that she eats. She is a reliable colleague to Kang Sang-Woong and Byeon Ho-In. These people struggle to protect their normal lives against villains who are trying to throw the world into chaos.

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