May 24 2017

Kim Woo-Bin recently diagnosed with cancer

Popular actor Kim Woo-Bin has been recently diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer according to his management company Sidus HQ. Kim Woo-Bin has already begun receiving treatment for his cancer which includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Obviously, his acting career will be placed on hold until he becomes healthy. Filming for movie “Wiretap” starring Lee Jung-Jae and Kim Woo-Bin was scheduled to begin August, 2017, but that film has postponed shooting until Kim Woo-Bin recovers.

Wishing Kim Woo-Bin a healthy recovery.

42 Responses to “Kim Woo-Bin recently diagnosed with cancer”

  1. Rika Sabrina

    Hope everything will be fine. 사랑 해요❤

  2. Connie Morton

    Praying for your recovery. Sending encouragement and hugs from America!

  3. Addie

    God Bless you and your family in this time of great stress. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Remember youth is on your side. Fighting!!!
    We will wait for you next great project on the big screen. Lots of love from your fans – down under – Sydney Australia.

  4. Elsa

    “Live to Win” You can do it!!!
    Praying for a prompt recovery with faith in God!
    We Love You!

    From Los Angeles, California

  5. jennylove

    Get well soon oppa woo bin. Listening to your songs and I’m in tears right now but I’m certain you’ll fight all the way to the end till you fully recover and continue appearing ever handsome on my screen. Saranghae oppa….XOXO!

    Much love from Lagos, Nigeria

  6. kiara

    u wont die,your fans are praying hard for you, so get well soon and come back to the movie industry
    your fans are already missing you
    we love you so much, always hold on to that
    KIM WON BIN your amazing you can fight that sickness with your loved once
    we all believe in you

  7. Ann

    You need to be well for you to be able to shoot more awesome dramas and movies ! we love you and we miss you oppa ! come back soon

    xoxo from the Philippines

  8. Kandee

    Please get better!!! You are such a wonderful person and an awesome actor!! ❤️

    I live in the US and I watch all your movies if I can!!!

    Prayers are with you!!

  9. Laozom

    May you be fine and healthy.
    You are hero and you can do it.

  10. varda

    Kim woo bin we pray for your health. Wish you recover soon.

  11. Rajvir

    🔶Please Tell us when he will recover from cancer.🔶
    I hope our Oppa will recover soon and live healty life 🙏🙏🙆🙆 ❤❤❤ Love u 😍

  12. Jackielou Teves

    Hope for your fast recovery.. I’m looking forward to your future projects. May God bless you always. Get well soon.

  13. Tatiana

    Get well soon. Stay strong and great. I wish you all the best in the world. Fighting!! 💪💪💪💐💐💐

  14. sandes

    Lov u bro
    Get well soon bro
    Ur never ding fan
    My one & only fav actor

  15. Priya

    Why am I even crying???!!! I know you will be back but I don’t know when. So just come back soon… I love you very much ❤ Stay strong and Remember we all are praying for you!!!!

  16. Michelle

    Why not try you in parallel and Laminin treatment? It is natural and noninvasive. Speedy recovery!

  17. Amal dawas

    Get well soon I hope to see you for dragon rewards 2020 and many years

  18. Queenesther Frank

    I pray you get well soon. I so much enjoy your acting on “uncontrolably fond” with Bae Suzy, standing for the truth and fighting for justice, defending and protecting the one you love.
    The Bible says “by His strifes, we are healed” by the Precious blood of JESUS CHRIST and by the power of His resurrection, I pronounced your healing in Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.

  19. ALAA

    kim woo bin
    how are you ??
    i miss you so much
    I hope you are in good health
    “Be strong, you are always strong”
    I LOVE YOU .

  20. Kirin

    I watch all your dramas and movies. You’re my favorite actor. Hope it goes well. I’ve known many people with cancer. And most of them are well now.

    Love from The US.

  21. Fatme Rammal

    Oppa Kim Woo Bin hope you are doing well and you are healthy , please take care of yourself 😭😭😭😭😭okay please take care of yourself ❤️

  22. eada

    you’re too blessed to be stress so just enjoy even in little things❤❤

  23. Mandy

    I missed your acting so much! Oppa!
    Wish to see you acting soon
    Love you!!!!!!!

  24. Intan

    Hope all is fine. He is a good actor and wants to see more of him. Be strong.

  25. Ruthie_fruity

    Well come back, kim woo bin oppa….. thanks for recover and refused to die.

    Already missing you, Master Kim

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