May 29 2024

Gianna Jun and Gang Dong-Won cast in Disney+ drama “Tempest”

Gianna Jun and Gang Dong-Won are cast in Disney+ drama series “Tempest” and the drama series is now set to be released sometime next year. The suspense-thriller drama series will feature an original screenplay by Jung Seo-Kyoung (“Little Women“) and directed by Kim Hee-Won (“Little Women“) and Heo Myung-Haeng (“The Roundup: Punishment“). For actor Gang Dong-Won, “Tempest” will mark his first drama series acting role since 2004 SBS drama series “Magic.” Gang Dong-Won is also credited as a producer for the upcoming drama series.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Moon-Joo (Gianna Jun) is a diplomat and a former ambassador to the United States. She has built great trust in the international community through her insightful judgment and actions. She learns that there were political maneuvering behind an assassination case involving South and North Korea. Meanwhile, San-Ho (Gang Dong-Won) is an elite mercenary. He is a mysterious figure whose nationality and past are both shrouded in secrecy. Moon-Joo and San-Ho together pursue the truth behind the major incident.

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