January 9 2017

Teaser #2 for SBS drama series “Defendant”

Teaser #2 for upcoming SBS drama series “Defendant” starring Ji Sung, Kwon Yuri (Girls’ Generation) & Uhm Ki-Joon.

Meanwhile, still images above are the first of Kwon Yuri in SBS drama series “Defendant.” In the drama series, Kwon Yuri plays Seo Eun-Hye. Her character is a rookie lawyer and a righteous person. She is the only one to hold out a hand to Park Jung-Woo (Ji Sung). He has been sentenced to death for killing his wife and daughter.”Defendant” first airs January 23, 2017 in South Korea.

One Response to “Teaser #2 for SBS drama series “Defendant””

  1. Sakura

    I love her character already. I’m glad that the female lead is someone with a prominent role in the story, that the male lead depends on for once, instead of the other way around. I do wonder what makes her offer help towards Park Jung Woo. From the teaser its obvious they were not on good terms, especially since he’s a top prosecutor and she’s a defense lawyer that always loses.

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