September 26 2017

Two main posters for tvN drama series “Revolutionary Love”

Here’s two main posters for upcoming tvN drama series “Revolutionary Love” starring Choi Si-Won and Kang So-Ra. The posters features main cast members Choi Si-Won,┬áKang So-Ra and Gong Myung. In the drama series, Choi Si-Won plays Byun-Hyuk. He comes from a very wealthy family, but he suddenly has to work to support himself. Kang So-Ra plays Baek Joon. She works part-time jobs to support herself even though she graduated from a prestigious university. Gong Myung plays Kwon Je-Hoon. He works very hard to become successful.

“Revolutionary Love” first airs October 14, 2017 in South Korea.

One Response to “Two main posters for tvN drama series “Revolutionary Love””

  1. optean

    at 10 mins of E1 Istarted laughing so I believe this is a good drama

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