September 5 2019

Teaser trailer #3 & posters for SBS drama series “Secret Boutique”

Teaser trailer #3 and posters for upcoming SBS drama series “Secret Boutique” starring Kim Sun-A, Kim Jae-Young and Jang Mi-Hee. Captions in teaser trailer states (0:14) “If I can forget the past and memories,” (0:26) “Eternal love” and (0:28) “Eternal ill-fated relationship.” Meanwhile, below are a main poster and 6 character posters for the drama series. The 6 character posters are of Kim Sun-A as Jenny Jang, Jang Mi-Hee as Kim Yeo-Ok, Park Hee-Von as Wi Ye-Nam, Go Min-Si as Hyun-Ji, Kim Jae-Young as Yoon Sun-Woo and Kim Tae-Hoon as Wi Jung-Hyeok.

“Secret Boutique” first airs September 18, 2019 in South Korea.

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