April 23 2019

Still images from MBC drama series “Spring Night”

Here’s still images of Han Ji-Min and Jung Hae-In in upcoming MBC drama series “Spring Night.” Meanwhile, the drama series will first air May 22, 2019 in South Korea taking over MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “The Banker.” The drama series will also be available to stream on Netflix an hour after it airs live on MBC. The entire series will also be available to stream on Netflix from July 12th, 2019.

2 Responses to “Still images from MBC drama series “Spring Night””

  1. Maria Silmaro

    Can’t wait for Netflix to show HJM’s “One Spring Night.” She always gives her best. I like to see how good an actor is JHI. Will Viki show this drama, too? It’s always worth spending time watching Han Ji Min. She is very professional & positive in her attitude toward her lead actor & director. HJM makes my day because the dramas & movies she have chosen always tell good stories & well-acted by all the Korean actors/actresses. Kudos to the directors & production staff who have directed & worked in her dramas & movies.

  2. Robert Flint

    This drama was a great story. HJM is a great talent and I’m surprised I hadn’t seen any other works of hers. I’m going to backtrack in hopes I can find her other shows. Really great.

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