July 10 2016

Lee Ha-Na drops out of SBS drama series “Our Gab-Soon”

Actress Lee Ha-Na has dropped out of upcoming weekend SBS drama series “Our Gab-Soon” co-starring Song Jae-Rim. The first script reading for the drama series took place July 2, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, South Korea and Lee Ha-Na took part in the first script reading. A few days later though, Lee Ha-Na has decided to not act in the drama series. The drama series staff is now seeking a replacement actress to play the lead female role of Gab-Soon.

“Our Gab-Soon” is currently scheduled to first air this August in South Korea.


3 Responses to “Lee Ha-Na drops out of SBS drama series “Our Gab-Soon””

  1. bluelysia

    sorry, but thank you for dropping out.. I just love seeing Kim Soeun and Song Jaerim together ><

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