March 24 2017

Ku Hye-Sun drops out, Jang Hee-Jin takes role in MBC drama series “You Are Too Much”

Actress Ku Hye-Sun has dropped out of currently airing MBC drama series “You Are Too Much” due to a serious medical condition. Recently, while on the filming set, Ku Hye-Sun experienced dizziness and difficulty in breathing and was sent to the hospital emergency room. She was diagnosed with a serious allergic reaction aka Anaphylaxis which sometimes can even be fatal. Ku Hye-Sun is currently hospitalized and will undergo long term treatment, along with rest. Consequently, on March 23, 2017, she informed the production of “You Are Too Much” that she has to quit the drama series. The drama series team has cast Jang Hee-Jin to play Ku Hye-Sun’s character.

6 Responses to “Ku Hye-Sun drops out, Jang Hee-Jin takes role in MBC drama series “You Are Too Much””

  1. regie viernes

    Im quite sad…..shes the only reason wh y I watch this drama….fighting khs😥

  2. randomness02

    i was watching episode 7 and i was wondering why she looked different. i hope ku hye sun recovers fast.

  3. Chinilia

    The original actress looked very beautiful and natural. I always watch her drama. Pity she stopped. I wish her quick recovery. I must say, though that her replacement fit in like a glove. She is really good

  4. omo

    it was sad news. however, we would pray for her recovery.. otherwise… i was not able to continue that drama because she was absent.

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