August 26 2018

Kim Jung-Hyun drops out of MBC drama series “Time”

Kim Jung-Hyun has dropped out of currently airing MBC drama series “Time” co-starringĀ Seohyun. He was advised by doctors to take a break due to physical and emotional exhaustion. Kim Jung-Hyun has been suffering from an eating disorder and sleeping disorder while working on the drama series. In the drama series, Kim Jung-Hyun play lead male character Cheon Soo-Ho. The drama series will not cast someone else to play Cheon Soo-Ho, but they will write him out of the script earlier than scheduled. His character is terminally ill and he was originally scripted to die by the end of the drama series. So farĀ  “Time” is at the midway point with 16 episodes (or 8 one hour episodes) having aired so far.

5 Responses to “Kim Jung-Hyun drops out of MBC drama series “Time””

  1. Elizabeth Cheam

    It will be a shame not to see him anymore in TIME. But health is more important. Get well soon!

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