July 22 2016

KBS2 drama series “Beautiful Mind” shortened to 14 episodes

Currently airing KBS2 drama series “Beautiful Mind,” starring Jang Hyuk and Park So-Dam, has been shortened from its originally planned 16 episodes to 14 episodes. This is due to the drama series received low ratings during its time slot. The last episode will now air on August 2, 2016 instead of August 9, 2016 as originally planned. At first, KBS suggested to screenwriter Kim Tae-Hee to shorten the series to 12 episodes, but it did not work as it influenced the story too much. After discussions with KBS and the production team, they then decided to shorten the series to 14 episodes.

25 Responses to “KBS2 drama series “Beautiful Mind” shortened to 14 episodes”

  1. May

    This truly break my heart! I kind of understand but still want to tell you something. This is my first time falling in love with Korean drama so much. And to know that my first love is actually being shorten due to low ratings caused me to love and to hate at the same time.

  2. prettysup

    This is one of the most beautiful drama ever shown, yet KBS decided to shorten it based on South Korean ratings alone. Don’t they know there are many international viewers who love this very much?

  3. Daivy Lee

    I hope they will change their mind. Huhu! Many would like to see more of the handsome Jang Hyuk in this drama. A lot can be learned as well. Huhuhu.

  4. Tsu

    We all love this drama. Please don’t shorten it! Please change the decision and release the other two episodes as well. Don’t shorten it please! WE LOVE THIS DRAMA! IT’S PERFECT!! <3 :'(

  5. Obet

    Bad decision to short live the medical drama. High ratings not expected to get mass appeal as subject is serious and techical. KBS is after the money. Great drama don’t come as often.

  6. girlfrommalaysia

    I hope you will get the episodes like was originally planned. I can understand that low rating might hurting you. But we love to watched it as well. Maybe kbs can keep repeating on air this drama after all drama with high ratings end. I hope you will understand us who love watching medical kdrama.

  7. pure

    This drama is fantastic, it’s the best
    This is frustrating ;(

  8. JustMarriedWithBeautifulMind

    This is really sad news, I personally really love this drama hence I never saw such a drama in years not to say since I ever started watching dramas, it is truly heartbreaking to hear it’s being shortened, I WANT MY 16 EPS BACK PUHLEASE! ToT

  9. Dr. Jean Hickam

    Perhaps the viewers in Korea want more sugar coating and cliff hanger endings for each segment to receive better ratings. This does not hold true for the International viewers So far this series is superb Dr. Jean Hickam

  10. Ida

    Too bad the episodes will be shorten. This drama is very unic. The story requires a beautiful mind to understood the story. It requires inner heart to understand what is the message. The writer is a very smart person for preparing this writings. Kudos to the writer.

  11. JJ

    This drama is refreshing. I enjoyed the plot and cast. Well done!

  12. Kokopuffs

    So sad to see such an amazing drama being forced to bend to the will of ratings!!! My gawd! Its so infuriating! I can imagine how the writer must feel being told to take her precious creative work and change it around to something it wasn’t meant to be simply because of money. Wow KBS2 you really look disgusting right now. Writernim to you I say amazing amazing amazing work you have there. Such a beautiful, intense, mature, real, engrossing, tag-at-ourheartstrings drama you have gifted us with. I still can’t believe how great it is. And I am even the more thankful that those two actors passed up the project because JANG HYUK!!! Wow Jang Hyuk is doing Lee Young Oh complete and total justice!! Watching him every week makes our hearts melt and our eyes tear. And yet here we are being bullied by KBS2. I am crying because it has been shortened but thank you for fighting for those two episodes for us writernim and team. I really hope the story will not be influenced too much and we most certainly look forward to your future works. And in future please don’t give your drama to a station like KBS2 ever again! Go to private owned ones like TVN who only air the best (of which your work fits perfectly) and who will not let “ratings” get in the way. HWAITING!!! Beautiful Mind, HWAITING!!! writernim!

  13. Nur Azaniah Zambahari

    Why….???I really love the 2 main characters….makes me glue to the screen…as the storyline and supporting characters make this drama wonderful to watch….especially Jang Hyuk😍

  14. Olo

    I am very surprised!!!! I want more episodes!!!!
    I love everything – music, płot, main characters….
    I am waiting for new episodes/subtitles whole week and you are cutting it! Why?!? Every episode is so surprising! It is really refreshing to watch such drama.
    Congratulations to all who are responsible for this drama and who give me with each episode so much happiness. thank you 👏

  15. Bhayes

    I truly wish that KBS would rethink their decision about this series. The story so far has been riveting and as another comentor stated KBS should take a good look at their international audience, we shop Korean products too!

  16. Holly Moon

    KBSWorld2, I understand your ratings were very low in South Korea. I am sure the advertisers gave you grief.
    But my understanding is that you are trying to get a more international viewing audience with the English subs. Why then can’t you find a way to judge their response to this drama before cutting it?
    This is a very well crafted drama, which causes viewers to invest in it. Your cutting the episodes is a slap in the face to these viewers, not to mention Jang Hyuk, who has given a most endearing performance.
    Again, I am, as are others, most disappointed in you.

  17. Bernie Cowart

    I am incredibly disappointed that Beautiful Mind will be reduced to 14 episodes. I love the story and I love anything with Jang Hyuk, but especiallly him in this series. Give us more episodes, not less!!!

  18. rubyfromghana

    It hurts my heart to see my favorite drama of this year getting cut for the sake of low ratings…T T…am gonna
    miss this drama. KBS World 2, please let this be the last time to mess with our hearts!

  19. DramaMamaLover

    WHAT!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRAMA! :(( uhuhu my Dr.Nam and Dr. Hyun. Not to mention the cutie Detective Gye Jin Sung

  20. Golish

    maybe her heroine Park So Dam is not beautiful as the other actress

  21. sasaeng

    It is sooo unfair to collect ratings only in south Korea! Im crying so hard knowing about the episodes being shortened! KBS2 pls come to your sense… let the remaining two episodes on air as i love seeing jang hyuk and im gonna miss him badly T_T

  22. Avella Danae

    Please do pay attention to online international viewing as well as ratings in Korea. I consider Beautiful Mind to be the best of this season and looked forward to it every week.

  23. Nancy Lindley

    Just saw the last two episodes last night on KBS on Thailand Truevisions and wondered why they seemed so “rushed” and the storyline a little incoherent. Then when when I realized it was the last two episodes, I was surprised. I thought this was supposed to be a 16 part story. My husband and I (U.S. retirees living in Thailand) have come to love watching KBS dramas with English subtitles and have gone to Korea on holiday because of what we’ve seen on those shows.

    Yes, KBS is so short-sighted not to consider the international audience or the impact we have on buying Korean products and tourism to Korea when we watch such beautifully crafted dramas.

  24. Migthy Thor

    Korean drama BEAUTIFUL MIND is actually a masterpiece! The writer is genius in coming up with an intelligent story, the director’s execution of the story is brilliant, the entire cast is magnificent, specially Jang Hyuk and Heo Jun-Ho! and this was even lightened and cheered with the “power rangers” (Min Sung-Wook, Kim Do-Hyun, Lee Sung-Wook, Jo Jae-Wan and Jung Moon-Sung).
    I perfectly understand that ratings is important to the management because it brings income, however, the ratings DO NOT reflect the caliber of the drama, Beautiful mind rates HIGH in the international audience!
    No offense meant to the Korean viewers but Beautiful Mind is an intellectual, entertaining and artistic and a world class drama, why can’t the local viewers appreciate and understand that?!?
    I have always been a fan of Korean medical drama because it highlights the advance technology in medicine, it promotes intellectual and great skills of Korean doctors, it shows a well researched medical debates, views and arguments, and BEAUTIFUL MIND did a great job in promoting the Medical Tourism of Korea. International viewers are awed with the advance medicine and hospital set up in Korea.
    It’s tragic to cut short a drama which is almost at the finish line just because of the local ratings is “bad!”
    To the entire team of BEAUTIFUL MIND, you actually did a GREAT JOB! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  25. Wang

    That why I keep confused why all the bad guy not be capture yet and I don’t about the rating low or not in their country but on any other site in USA it was like 9.7/10 by millions of viewers.
    An they are piss off

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