July 9 2017

First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Deserving of the Name”

First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Deserving of the Name” (literal title) starring Kim Nam-Gil and Kim A-Joong.

Meanwhile, still images below are from Kim Nam-Gil’s first day of filming for the drama series, which took place June 22, 2017 around the Cheonggyecheon, Seoul, South Korea. Setup for the scene has Heo Im (Kim Nam-Gil) traveling through time and finding himself in present day Seoul.

“Deserving of the Name” first airs August, 2017 in South Korea.

4 Responses to “First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Deserving of the Name””

  1. Barbara

    This actor looks exactly like yoon shi yoon — splitting image. Are they related?

  2. soom

    Interesting plotline (historical figure) and great acting! some tropes as per usual, but also some quite unexpected themes and lovely slice of life scenes. Easy to recognize reactions and emotions, so though some time traveling, viewers can relate to most situations. (“history repeats itself”. “love is a universal language”) Main character is a master of facial expressions, like Yoo Ah In, though more exaggerated. Little by little, his motivations are revealed. The almost-caught-in-the-act kiss is such an endearing moment!!

  3. Betty

    What is the kind of candy in the blue wrapper that the doctor’s character (played by Kim A-Joong) gives out to patients to make them smile and feel better in the movie “live up to your name”. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would like to see both lead characters in more movies together. Great chemistry!

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