August 16 2019

First script reading for SBS drama series “Vagabond”

Upcoming SBS drama series “Vagabond,” starring Lee Seung-Gi and Bae Suzy, is now scheduled to first air Friday, September 20, 2019 in South Korea. The drama series was first scheduled to air May, 2019, but filming delays pushed the airing back to this autumn. Filming for the drama series finished May 23, 2019. Currently the cast and staff are working on post-production for the drama series.

Meanwhile, photos above and below are from the first script reading for the drama series. The first script reading took place back on June 2, 2018 in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. The first script reading included Lee Seung-Gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-Rok, Baek Yoon-Sik, Moon Sung-Geun, Kim Min-Jong, Jeong Man-Sik, Hwang Bo-Ra, Moon Jeong-Hee and Jang Hyuk-Jin among others.

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