July 17 2020

First script reading for OCN drama “Search”

First script reading for OCN drama series “Search,” starring Jang Dong-Yoon & Krystal, took place April, 2020 in South Korea. Attending the first script reading were Jang Dong-Yoon, Krystal, Moon Jeong-Hee, Yoon Park, and Lee Hyun-Wook. The drama series is a military-thriller set along the DMZ. JAng Dong-Yoon plays Sergeant Yong Dong-Jin. He is nearing the end of his military service and becomes a handler for a dog in a search party. Krystal plays military officer Son Ye-Rim. She is sent to the DMZ to investigate a series of mysterious cases. They soon go up against a mysterious creature.

“Search” will first air sometime during the second half of this year in South Korea.

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