November 1 2016

First script reading for MBC drama series “The Universe’s Star”

First script reading for upcoming MBC drama series “The Universe’s Star” starring Suho (‘EXO-K’) and Ji-Woo took place September, 2016 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. The first script reading featured main cast members Suho, Ji-Woo, Shin Hyun-Soo, Na Hae-Ryung (‘BESTie’), Yoon Jin-Sol, Ko Kyu-Pil, Lee Si-Un and Joo Jin-Mo. Story for the 3 episode drama series revolves around the romance between a genius singer/songwriter (Suho) and an angel of death (Ji-Woo).

“The Universe’s Star” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

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