May 23 2019

First script reading for JTBC drama series “Moment of Eighteen”

First script reading for JTBC drama series “Moment of Eighteen” (literal title), starring Ong Seong-Wu & Kim Hyang-Gi, took place April, 2019 at JTBC Building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. Main cast members including Ong Seong-Wu, Kim Hyang-Gi, Shin Seung-Ho, Kang Ki-Young, Shim Yi-Young and Kim Sun-Young attended. At the first script reading, Ong Seong-Wu (whose only prior acting experience was short film “Seong-Wu Is Fine”) stated “Acting is not just a simple change. I dreamed of this for such a long time, so I will work on the drama with a sincere heart.” One Seong-Wu was a member of boy band “Wanna One.” Meanwhile, Kim Hyang-Gi stated at the script reading “It has been a long time since I acted in a drama series. I will work hard for this drama.” The drama series will be directed by Sim Na-Yeon (“Summer Days; Yeo-Reum“) and scripted by Yoon Kyung-Ah (“Master of Study“).

“Moment of Eighteen” will first air sometime in the second half of this year in South Korea.

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  1. Grace Antonio

    Definitely I’ll watch this drama ong Seung woo is my favorite and Kim Hyang gi.. Goodluck guys.. 😍🤗

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